Khorasan flour is made from an ancient grain, containing high levels of zinc, which promotes healthy thyroid function and many immune system benefits. Full of simple and complex carbohydrates.

Activated & Certified Organic Chia, Quinoa and Flaxseed are combined with Certified Organic stoneground Spelt, Khorasan and Wheat flours.                                                   

Spelt is an Ancient Grain – a highly nutritious alternative to conventional wheat. A safe substitute for those who experience wheat sensitivities. High in Protein and B complex vitamins.

Medium Rye Sourdough is made with certified organic stoneground Rye and Wheat. Rye lowers insulin response, improves blood glucose profiles and compared to conventional wheat, Medium Rye is richer in protein, phosphorus, iron and potassium. An excellent source of dietary fibre and manganese. The grain is low in gluten and very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. 

Bill’s certified organic stoneground wholemeal is a delicious whole-grain sourdough full of complex carbohydrates. A storehouse of nutrients and fibre, low in saturated fat and a wonderful source of protein.          ...

Bill’s Activated 7 Seeds Multigrain sourdough is rich in flavour, packed with the nutritional goodness of wheat, rye, oats, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, chia and quinoa.     

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