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100% Spelt Sourdough 620g Certified Organic Bread

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Spelt is an Ancient Grain – a highly nutritious alternative to conventional wheat. A safe substitute for those who experience wheat sensitivities. High in Protein and B complex vitamins.

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Vegan and Kosher (Pareve)   Certified Vegan

   Certified Kosher (Pareve) 

No Genetically Modified Ingredients   No Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO)

Lower GI, pH   Lower GI & pH

   Low Fat

Cholesterol free   Cholesterol free

Nut Free   Nut Free

Reduced Salt   Reduced Salt

High in Fibre   High in Fibre


Certified organic stoneground spelt flour, filtered water, certified organic sunflower oil, psyllium husk, lecithin (from rapeseed) and Himalayan pink rock salt.